Hop Head Farms

HHF Chinook

HHF Chinook 
Straight from Hop Head Farms yard to your kettle.  HHF Chinook has a distinct pineapple flavor with the pine backbone. It is delicious in IPAs for aroma and bittering. 
We pelletize our own hops here at the farm. T-90 hop pellets are packaged into multi-layered, oxygen and light barrier MylarFoil bags with a nitrogen back flush to assure freshness.
Each lot is tested by a ASBC accredited  lab after pelleting to assure the most accurate brewing values possible. 
  Alpha    Beta    Cohumulone %      Total Oils
   10.9%    2.92%           28.6%  2.%
Aroma & Bittering Hop  Pineapple, piney. 
Typical Brews: Pale Ale, IPA, Stout, Barley Wine, and Lager.

Styles:  Pelleted.

Sizes: 1 oz.