Hop Head Farms

Saphir (HS:Germany)

 Hand Selected Saphir  (Germany)
This Hand Selected German variety is has a refined aroma, mild flavor.  It is sweet and clean with a bit of citrus. 
What is “Hand Selected” (HS)? These hops are individually selected by HHF for superior quality right from the farm in Germany.  Each farm is inspected to assure they pass our cleanliness and quality standards.  A sensory evaluation of every bale is done to determine it’s unique characteristics for that season beyond the carbon copy hop aroma profile.  These hops are the best of the best in Germany. HHF is proud to be working with PFL Hops to help us navigate the wonderful world of German hops. Smell and taste the difference for yourself.

Cheers & Prost!

HHF pelletizes our own hops here on the farm. We process T-90 hop pellets and package them into multi-layered, oxygen and light barrier MylarFoil bags with a nitrogen back flush to assure freshness.
  Alpha    Beta    Cohumulone %  Total Oils
2.62%      5.43%          12.4%



Styles:  Pelleted.

Sizes: 1 oz